Getting Started Testnet

For this Testnet, make sure to connect using the Goerli Network. You can add the RPC and Chain settings with Chainlist.

Start by going to the "Beta Welcome" page.

  • Get some Goerli Faucet, either by using on of the link or by tweeting you Goerli address using the Twitter icon (will not be instant)

  • Mint some NFTs to be able to test the dApp

  • Mint some kairos wETH to be able to repay your loans with interest

  • At any time you can click on the "report a bug" button or send a message on Discord

  • After using the dApp, you can give us a detail feedback (relevant feedback will be rewarded) in the Dashboard section

Once the NFTs and the Kairos wETH are minted, go to the Borrow tab.

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