Take out loans

Connect your wallet on the right network and go to the "Borrow" tab

1. Select the duration

Choose the desired duration of the loan using the top slider then clic "Submit". Depending on the desired duration, your NFTs that can be used for a loan will appear according to the available liquidity. On the top corner of the NFT, the maximum amount borrowable for each NFT.

2. Select the NFTs to borrow against

  • select the NFTs to use as collateral, you can select multiple NFTs from multiple collections. Then clic "Confirm the selection"

3. Approve the terms and instant borrow

  • For each NFT, up to a maximum, you can choose how you'll borrow. This will have an impact in the case of a liquidation. If you do not borrow the maximum amount you'll received a share of the revenues generated by this liquidation in a proportional way.

  • In some cases you'll be able to borrow for a longer period thant choosen at the begining with no additional cost.

  • Approve the NFTs (either each one by one or by collection)

  • Read carefully the terms and how much you'll have to repay if you decide to repay on the due date.*

  • Clic on "Borrow" and Voilà!

*By borrowing less than the maximum, in the event of liquidation you would receive a proportionate share of the revenue generated by the sale of the NFT.

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